Every member of Open Heavens Dundee is encouraged to emulate Christ in humility and service.
One important way of doing this is by taking advantage of the numerous opportunities to minister in the house of God, and joining a team/department.
We therefore urge you to prayerfully consider the list of ministries below and identify where your talents and calling are leading you.
Please see the Pastor for more information about the procedure for joining a ministry.

Ministerial Team

The Ministerial Team comprises all RCCG OHD Ministers. They are here to serve and have ready ears to listen, lips to advice and to pray. If you need to discuss anything with any of the Ministers or need someone to pray with, do not hesitate to contact them at

This ministry is led by Pastor Rufus.

Baptismal/Believers' Class

This class is for three categories of people: those who have just been saved and desire to know more about God and about their faith; those that have been saved for a while but just desire to know more about the foundation of their faith; and those who have not been water baptised (by immersion) and want to be baptised.

This ministry is led by Pastor Rosa.

Children's Church

Children are gifts from God and in the Children’s Church, we help nurture these gifts. Our aim is to teach children about the love of Christ and to help bring them up in the Lord. We teach in a fun, interactive setting, using different visual aids. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our children grow up to be mighty for God and make it to heaven.

This ministry is led by Chioma.


The RCCG OHD choir is known as the Chosen Vessels. As the levites of RCCG Open Heavens Dundee, our primary duty is to offer quality praise and worship to God and to usher the church into the presence of God. Through music, we praise, worship, exhort, encourage, teach, preach and evangelise.

This ministry is led by Banke.


This department is in charge of all church communications, both internal and external. We produce the church publications, including weekly bulletins, quarterly newsletters, flyers and other publicity materials. We are also responsible for the church library and church website.

This ministry is led by Banke and can be contacted at


Members of this department are in charge of beautifying the church sanctuary and environment. Our duties include making the inside of the church attractive, as well as maintaining the church garden and other exterior parts of the church.

This ministry is led by Cynthia.


As a church, one of our primary duties is to “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation…” This department is therefore one that every member of the church should be actively involved in, whatever other department we may belong to.

This ministry is led by Fred Obeahon and can be contacted at


We are responsible for ensuring that all the church facilities and equipment are maintained in good working order. If you see something in or around the church that is broken or  needs fixing, please do let us know.

This department is led by Pastor Titus Alli. 


This department is in charge of the church finances, including donations and expenditure.

This department is led by Patience Asekomeh and can be contacted at


The members of this department are responsible for new converts and newcomers, to confirm their souls and exhort them to continue in the faith (Acts 14:21-22). They visit new converts and newcomers, pray with them and show them love, care and attention. Through this, as a church, we let them know that we are here for them.

This department is led by Latifa.

Holy Police/Traffic

The holy police are responsible for maintaining a secure worship environment. Specifically, members of this department assist in keeping order and ensuring the proper parking of all vehicles; and making routine checks around the church premises to ensure the safety of persons and property, including vehicles on the church premises.

This ministry is led by Pereyi.


The hospitality department is in charge of the reception of church members and visitors. Specifically, members of the department are responsible for providing refreshments at the end of church services and at special programmes.

This ministry is led by Sandra.

House Fellowship

The house fellowship is used to bring the church directly to your area. Through these house fellowships, we aim to enhance members’ spiritual growth, care for the needy, connect with one another outside of the larger church setting, reach out to the neighbourhood and ultimately win souls for Christ.

This ministry is led by Joke.


 We manage the church’s multimedia equipment, such as the sound system and projectors.

This ministry is led by Deji.

Meeters & Greeters

 We receive and host all those visiting the church for the first time. We welcome newcomers in a special way and provide them with all the information they need to settle quickly into the church community and Dundee in general.

This ministry is led by Latifa.


This ministry was established by RCCG to support missions to deprived countries. It supports the spread of the gospel and helps improve the quality of people’s lives by collecting donations and funds, and directing these to beneficiaries in these deprived countries. Every adult member of the congregation is encouraged to contribute £1 per month towards this cause.

This ministry is led by Bolaji.

Prayer Band

The prayer band consists of prayer warriors who constantly take the church before God through their prayers. They are a mighty band who pray without ceasing for the church and for this land. If you want to be prayed for or have a prayer request, please feel free to contact the prayer band.

This ministry is led by Juliet and can be contacted at

Protocol & Logistics

We are responsible for ensuring the welfare of invited/guest ministers, including arranging their travel, feeding and accommodation. We also cater to the wellbeing of our resident pastors; and work with the ushering department to ensure proper coordination of church services.

This ministry is led by Emmanuel.

Sanctuary Keepers

 We are primarily responsible for the upkeep of the church, in terms of keeping the church clean and tidy. Our duties include arranging the church hall and tidying up after church services.

This ministry is led by Johnson.

Sunday School

This department consists of the Sunday School teachers who teach the word of God during the weekly Sunday School services. The knowledge of the word of God provides the essential foundation for every believer and members of this department help provide this foundation.

This ministry is led by Ayodele.


We deal with all the technical issues in the church, including sounds and recordings, lightings, power supply, repairs and other such functions as required.

This ministry is led by Jerry.


 We are principally in charge of driving the church bus and arranging transportation of church members to and from church programmes, within and outside Dundee.

This ministry is led by Femi.


The ushers have the responsibility of welcoming members and visitors alike to church and making them feel immediately at home. We maintain order within the church, particularly during services and are always ready to do anything to ensure the smooth running of church services.

This ministry is led by Debola.


This department is responsible for the welfare of church members. Through prayers, visitation and helping to meet the physical needs of members, this department plays an important role in ensuring that every member of our church family is well cared for.

This ministry is led by Patience and can be contacted at

Teenage Church

Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. The teenage church caters to young people between the ages of 13 and 19, with the goal of equipping them to be examples of believers. It gives teenagers the opportunity to express themselves in a godly environment and with godly guidance, so that they grown to be godly and exemplary adults.

This ministry is led by Daniel.

Youth Fellowship

The youth fellowship comprises all the youth in the church who are of university age and above.

This ministry is led by Daniel.

Daughters of Zion

The women’s fellowship, known as the Daughters of Zion, is made up of all the married women in the church.

This ministry is led by Latifa.

The Pillars

The men’s fellowship, known as The Pillars, consists of all the married men in the church.

This ministry is led by Fred.