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The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Open Heavens Christian Centre, Dundee (RCCG Open Heavens Dundee) is a warm, living church, with a vision to spread the love of God and the gospel of Christ in Dundee, and to provide hope and a safe haven for the lonely and disillusioned.

Our story can be traced back to the house fellowship set up by the parent parish from Edinburgh in March 2006. This was in answer to the yearnings and prayers of some individuals whose absolute submission and obedience to God’s prompting contributed to the birth of our Parish. As confirmation of the divine timing, everything began to fall rapidly in place, such that by the 7th of May of the same year, the house fellowship had metamorphosed into a Parish. Although the Parish comprises a large number of students, it exhibits the traits of a longstanding church because of the high degree of commitment of both the student and non-student members.

We hold regular meetings in the atmosphere of love and unity. Our bible study services are a real treasure and those who have been attending look forward to it eagerly every week. Wonderful testimonies also abound from our house fellowship meetings, where members come together in small groups to pray, discuss issues and share together.

We are a very caring community of Christians and we are committed both to ensuring the welfare of our members and also to contributing to the welfare of those around us. That is why our welfare and community outreach department focuses on supporting those in need of helping hands.

In addition, evangelism is in our blood – as it is the heartbeat of Christ. We go out every week, seeking to reach out to the lost in our community and help them find their way back to Christ.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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